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Automated surveillance video for cattle detection and tracking

Investment: €262k

Scope: Agriculture and Environment

Scientific field(s): Mathematics, Information and communications science and tech. (STIC) and nanotechnology

Institution(s): CEA

Development: Start-up in progress/completed

#VideoSurveillance #AI #Agriculture


Continuous automatic monitoring of livestock herds helps farmers to identify behaviours linked to calving, heat or pathologies as early as possible.

Although video surveillance solutions combined with AI have been developed to detect, monitor and analyse human behaviour, the use of these solutions in the animal context, and particularly for cattle, is new and involves several technological hurdles.

This is the problem addressed by SUB-IA.


The SUB-IA automatic video monitoring solution for livestock is designed specifically to detect and monitor cattle behaviour.

Based on Artificial Intelligence, it continuously analyses the video feed from the camera to respond reliably to all the farmer’s needs, with no invasive sensors for the animal.

The farmer is alerted immediately about the information detected and can manage the herd remotely.


The application targets farms with over 100 dairy cows and farms with indoor facilities.

The application is a monitoring assistant based on video surveillance of the farm and computer vision combined with artificial intelligence. It meets all the monitoring needs of livestock farmers.

The solution offers modular use (à la carte) of the software’s various services, with reliable results and no invasive sensors for the animals.