Paris-Saclay Playground

A center for innovation and exchange
in the heart of the Cluster

Located in the center of the most important French Cluster for higher education, scientific research and high-tech industrial development, the Paris-Saclay Playground opened its doors in late summer 2021.

6,000m² spread over 6 floors giving access to incubators and a business hotel, offering +600 workstations:
Welcome to the beating heart of innovation and entrepreneurship in Paris-Saclay!


An emblematic location for Research-Development-Innovation potential





support programs


tech showroom


A high value-added course for all innovative companies

Backed since its inception by the EPA Paris-Saclay and financed to the tune of €28.2 million by the SGPI, the Île-de-France Region, the Essonne Department, the Paris-Saclay Urban Community, the Bouygues Group, the Caisse des Dépôts et Consignation financial institution and the investor TIIC, the Paris-Saclay Playground has a double ambition.

  • A flexible hosting offer operated by IWG, the world leader in coworking solutions,

  • An offer of support and education for start-up in incubation provided by a consortium of 4 renowned and experienced players: IncubAlliance and Creative Valley incubators, French Tech Paris-Saclay Community and SATT Paris-Saclay (consortium leader).

Consortium leader


Attractiveness | Incubation | Acceleration | Animation

In total, 5 incubation, acceleration and animation programs are offered to the residents of the Playground but also to all the actors of the ecosystem: students, researchers, doctoral students, companies of all sizes.
The Paris-Saclay Playground is the place of connections where serendipity happens, the heart of the largest technology Cluster in Europe!

Focus on the program
Paris-Saclay Technology Showroom

National and international delegations

To allow visitors to live the Paris-Saclay experience through this territorial instrument of marketing and to immerse themselves in the scientific, technological and economic wealth of the region.

In 2022
700+ visitors, including 40% international delegations

Playground Paris-Saclay | 3 boulevard Thomas Gobert, 91120 Palaiseau

Spotlight on the technology showroom
The first shared tech showroom in Paris-Saclay is a unique place that embodies the scientific and industrial excellence of the Cluster. Conceived with the support of the Design Spot Paris-Saclay, the two major academic hubs, the EPA Paris-Saclay and IncubAlliance, this unique project aims to fly the flag of the region during the visits of academic, industrial, institutional and media delegations expected each year.

This project was made possible thanks to the major support of the French Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation via the DRARI Île-de-France, reinforced by the partnerships that the SATT was able to forge with sponsors such as EPA Paris-Saclay, CNRS, TotalEnergies, L’Oréal, Servier and IP Trust.

€300K of investments will be necessary to set up this showroom and to furnish its 100m² with a high-tech equipment along with rich and varied contents.

Led by an animator, the delegations wander around the 3 corners specifically designed to optimize the user experience during the visits:

Corner Immersion: The incredible history of Paris-Saclay
The Corner Immersion introduces the visitor to the 400 years of history that have contributed to the construction of the Cluster: from the Marly Machine inaugurated by Louis XIV in the 17th century to the installation of the most powerful MRI in the world, a tour of the great inventions and discoveries of Paris-Saclay and the major establishments of the research and industrial centers that have shaped our territory.

Corner Live: The Cluster’s amazing scientific and technological wealth
The Corner Live offers to the visitors a synthetic map of Paris-Saclay since the 2020s : the Cluster structured in two major academic hubs, scientific power described in key figures, strategic sectors and emblematic players’ position on these markets of the future, structuring projects to come – this “live” corner abounds in key information on today’s Paris-Saclay.

Corner Vitrine: The must-haves made in Paris-Saclay
The Corner Vitrine presents 10 totems putting on display the signature products of “Paris-Saclay Innovation Playground” : physical and digital prototypes created by start-ups and industrialists of the territory honoring innovations in AgriTech, MedTech, Digital, Future Mobility, NewSpace, BeautyTech and Energy.

Anne-Laure Aurelle
Marketing & Partnerships Director

“Developing a disruptive technology means having a vision, making choices and taking risks! FinX warmly thanks the SATT team for the honor of exhibiting its membrane in the SATT Showroom. Thanks to its academic, scientific, technological and industrial excellence, the Paris-Saclay Cluster is an ideal hub to support start-ups in their goal of becoming tomorrow’s champions. Thank you for the institutional and international contacts and for the confidence you have shown in us!”

Alexandra Corsi Chopin, Head of Institutional Relations & External Communications, FinX

“The opportunity for Abbelight to be represented in the Showroom managed by the SATT  is an extremely valuable opportunity for us to highlight the innovative aspect of our microscopy and nanoscopy technologies. The latter, relatively unknown to the general public and certain industries, is arousing growing interest, and this exhibition contributes to this. Thank you to the SATT team for supporting our development.”

Jean-Baptiste Marie, CEO, Abbelight

“Over the past nine months, our Showroom exhibition has been an invaluable experience for KillViD. This unique platform enabled us to engage with a diverse audience and demonstrate the power of our air decontamination technology. Visitors were able to discover how KillViD can create cleaner, safer indoor environments. The capabilities of our technology were showcased alongside other remarkable innovations in a variety of sectors, highlighting the positive impact it can have on a wide range of applications. The Showroom provided a dynamic environment for us to connect with potential partners, customers and stakeholders.”

Carmen Dumitrescu, CEO, Gamma Pulse

Focus on the program
Mapping of Paris-Saclay expertise

French ETI/Major Accounts in residence

To enable industrialists wishing to establish collaborations with the territory to assess the R&D potential of the Cluster’s players: mapping of scientific publications, patent filings and positioning of Paris-Saclay research teams/start-ups and organization of the first meetings.

In 2022
4 presentation workshops organized: +200 participants