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AIHERD detects all diseases and events, to enable breeders to make the best decisions. This allows a 15% increase in production while relieving breeders of this tedious task.

CEO: Quentin Garnier

Creation: april 2020

Headcount: 7

Location: Nantes

Market(s): Dairy cattle breeding

#Monitoring #Breeding #AgriTech


Tracking and detection tool for pathology and breeding events based on computer vision and artificial intelligence.


  • AIHERD VMS (monitoring software)


Detection of diseases and zootechnical events to prevent breeding problems in order to achieve significant production gains and relieve breeders of a difficult, time-consuming and operator-dependent task.


Holistic: only tool to detect all diseases and events
Non-intrusive and automatic: no installation work, no setup and no action on animals
Visual: video feedback for visual confirmation of alerts