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Electrohydraulic actuator for on-board mechatronics

Investment: €635k

Scope: Digital and Electronics

Scientific field(s): Mechanical Engineering

Institution(s): Université d'Evry - Université de Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines

Development: Start-up in progress/completed

#Linear #ElectroHydraulic #Actuator


Building motors for robotic mechanisms constitutes a major technological challenge. This is because an actuator dedicated to applications in embedded mechatronic systems has to balance strong forces with demanding volume and weight constraints.

Two families of solutions are usually used: electric actuation and hydraulic actuation. These solutions involve opposite compromises.

The SEHA technology provides the benefit of the combined advantages of both families.


The SEHA technology successfully brings together electric and hydraulic technologies within one actuator to provide the advantages of both technologies without the disadvantages:

More power than electric actuators while being more compact, integrated and light than hydraulic actuators,
Incorporation of a feedback loop to ensure movement safety,
The simplicity of control of an electric motor.

The technology thus saves weight, volume and energy consumption, all other things being equal.


The SEHA technology is particularly well-suited to applications that require a high level of strength within strict weight and volume constraints, such as actuators for aeronautics, robotics or active prostheses.