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Multi-purpose catalytic system

Investment: €467k

Scope: Chemistry and Materials

Scientific field(s): Physics-Chemistry and Optics

Institution(s): CNRS - Université Paris-Saclay

Development: Start-up in progress/complete

#FineChemistry #Catalysts #Organometallic


Metal catalysts are essential in chemistry.

They make it possible to accelerate a reaction or encourage one reaction to occur instead of another. They are frequently found in the production protocols for active ingredients of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics or agrochemicals.

The NOVECAL project offers the integration of these metallic catalysts into supports that can be filtered, so they can be easily eliminated at the end of a reaction, thus avoiding contamination of the products.


The development of a new family of organometallic catalysts, supported by calixarenes, combines the advantages of traditional catalysts (high activity) and supported catalysts (low contamination of products).

Compared to the competition, such as silica or polymer support catalysts, the NOVECAL catalysts present much higher activity and excellent reproducibility.


Coupling reactions (C-C / C-X), hydrogenation and asymmetric ring-opening of epoxides, used essentially for synthesis of pharmaceutical, cosmetic or agrochemical products.