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Sport Quantum is a company founded by three Engineers researchers from CEA Tech’s laboratories. Together, they developed a new technology that could locate an impact by measuring the shock waves generated by the projectile with unparalleled accuracy. Together, they invented the first screens that were “impactile” and not tactile, and for which the most obvious use was Shooting Sports.

CEO: Jean-Marc Alexandre

Creation: april 2017

Headcount: 5

Location: Palaiseau

Market(s) : Shooting Sport

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Sport Quantum Interactive Electronic Targets are designed to measure the position of the actual real impact of a projectile on a plate equipped with piezoelectric sensors. When the projectile (pellets or bullets) hits the impact plate, it generates a shock wave that travels in all directions like a stone thrown into the water.

This wave is then measured by four sensors that transform the mechanical deformation into an electrical signal. The signals are triangulated to find the exact position which are in the precision range of 1/10 of a point, well more preciser than a millimeter.


  • SQ10
  • SQ50
  • SynQro
  • SQ on line


Sport Quantum offers the first interactive connected target. The visual of the shot is displayed on this plate, which turns into an interactive screen.

Thanks to this technology, sportquantum can now offer all Sport Shooters a revolutionary Interactive Electronic Target that can:
– Take them from basic training to competition
Bring fun to their leisure activity;
Help trainers build loyalty among children in shooting schools.

Data are stored on the web in order to follow shooter’s performance.


With the click of a button, shooters can choose from Sport Quantum’s target options in the video displayed on the impact plate, for Shooting schools or competition.

Therefore sportquantum technology provides the particular advantage of providing Sport Shooters and Trainers with an infinite number of possibilities in terms of target visuals, going far beyond standard targets.

It is a real revolution for this sport which still use mainly paper cardboards.

Sport Quantum
Sport Quantum