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Smart target for sport shooting

Investment: €358k

Scope: Digital and Electronics

Scientific field(s): Mathematics, Information and communications science and tech. (STIC) and nanotechnology

Institution(s): CEA

Development: Start-up in progress/completed

#SmartTarget #SportShooting


In shooting sports, targets are positioned at distances of 10 m to 300 m depending on the discipline. To detect the projectile’s impact on the target, the most common solution for 10 m disciplines is manual target retrieval systems, which bring the cardboard target mechanically to the shooter.

For disciplines over 25 m, shooters make do with binoculars or use electric retrieval systems to view their results. Electronic targets are very costly, and are only used in competition.

The DETECT technology provides an innovative intermediate solution between retrieval systems and electronic targets for competitors.


The acoustic wave caused by the projectile’s impact is measured by piezoelectric sensors placed on the surface of the target.

New algorithmic solutions interpret these measurements to determine the exact position of the impact on the target.

The solution meets sport shooting’s need for precision, and caters for different impact energy levels depending on the distance and the weapon. It also offers advantages in terms of cost and ease of use.


Smart target for sport shooting disciplines at 10/25/50 m. The projectile impact detector is linked to an app on the shooter’s smartphone or to another display device for viewing and monitoring performance.

A database in the Cloud collects results from all shooters to produce statistics and offer coaching to competitors.