Technological projects portfolio

Software suite for annotating scans and patient positioning in radiology and radiation

Investment: €599k

Scope: Healthcare

Scientific field(s): Mathematics, Information and communications science and tech. (STIC) and nanotechnology

Institution(s): CentraleSupélec - INRIA

Development: Start-up in progress/completed

#AI #Radiotherapy


Radiologists use different software programs to deliver radiation treatments: to annotate images from patient scans, first and foremost, and also to ensure correct positioning of the patient with respect to the machine, from one session to the next.

However, the first type has not yet reached a sufficient level of performance and requires manual correction, which is very time-consuming. As for the second type of software, the programs are based on the analysis of dense tissues (bones) and therefore do not take into consideration the morphological evolution of patients.


The THEAPANACEA project proposes new image analysis algorithms for more precise, automatic annotation of scans and better positioning that also takes soft tissue into consideration.

The technology is more robust and faster and will reduce the length of radiation sessions. Improving precision will limit the risks of complications due to irradiation of healthy tissue.


The software suite developed by THERAPANACEA is intended for radiation centers and will allow them to offer an improved quality of treatment and to optimize the use of accelerators so they can care for more patients.