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Unlocking the full potential of cancer treatment and care with artificial intelligence

TheraPanacea is a software solutions editor using AI to transform cancer care through prognosis and treatment solutions.

CEO: Nikolaos Paragios

Creation: march 2017

Headcount: 75

Location: Paris

Market(s) : Radiotherapy / Oncology

#AI #Cancer #Precision


TheraPanacea vision is to introduce the first, self-contained, self-trained paradigm to thrive cancer research and treatment in a new dimension targeting drug development, treatment selection, treatment assessment and optimization of clinical outcomes.

TheraPanacea offers a new/fully holistic approach for cancer research & treatment referring to macro/micro/nano scale integration of medicine, information theory and computational medicine.


  • ART-PlanTM
  • SmartFuse
  • Annotate
  • MR-Box
  • AdaptBox


TheraPanacea is a highly ambitious artificial intelligence-powered French spinoff medical technology company exploiting state-of-the-art research technology with origins from Ecole CentraleSupelec, Inria and Gustave Roussy Institute.

TheraPanacea brings to the radiation therapy market the latest inter-disciplinary technological advances from the associated research laboratories (machine learning, AI, advanced mathematics).


TheraPanacea benefits:
100% web solution (technologie Cloud)
Ready-to-use plug and play at hospitals
– Up to 90% of expert time gained in fastidious hence critical operations
L18Smart automation (deep-learning one-click solutions)