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Custom tracheostomy cannula by in-silico modeling and simulation

Investment: €322k

Scope: Healthcare

Scientific field(s): Mathematics, Information and communications science and tech. (STIC) and nanotechnology

Institution(s): Université de Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines - AP-HP

Development: Technology to be marketed

#Tracheotomy #BiomechanicalModeling #CustomPrinting


The tracheotomy is a technique that involves opening the trachea and holding it open with a tube to improve ventilation by short-circuiting the upper airways.

It is a surgical procedure most frequently used in resuscitation.

However, the tube used exerts mechanical stress on the tracheal wall, which leads to complications: discomfort, pain, bleeding, granuloma, hypersecretion and sometimes accidental tube removal can be fatal.


The T3D project proposes in-silico modeling and mechanical simulation of tubes and patient airways by imaging.

The technology therefore serves two main purposes: it helps healthcare professionals decide which standard, commercially available tubes are best-suited to the patient, and it generates a file that can be used to manufacture custom tubes.


T3D is intended for the 5 to 10% of patients who receive tracheotomies and encounter complications: generally children or people with malformations, in the anesthesia, intensive care, respiratory care or ENT departments of a hospital, for example.