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Space debris risk management software to avoid collisions

Investment: €100k

Scope: Transport

Scientific field(s): Physics-Chemistry and Optics

Institution(s): École polytechnique - CNRS

Development: Start-up in progress/completed

#SpaceDebris #NewSpace


The thousands of objects of space debris orbiting the Earth represent the legacy of the space race, but also a danger to satellites in operation, today and in the future.

In recent years, the number of satellites has grown considerably, and all the market forecasts say this exponential growth is likely to continue.

This makes it important to monitor space debris and predict its position to ensure the safety of satellites currently in operation. This is the goal of the PADME project.


The project aims to develop digital tools to maintain an up-to-date catalogue of space objects with improved precision, from 100 m to 40 m in two days.

This greater precision will simplify avoidance manoeuvres and reduce their number, leading to lower operating costs, better continuity of service and longer satellite life.


This technology will reduce the risk of collisions for satellites in operation.