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The Only Possible Solution for Space Safety

Share My Space is the only independent private company in Europe with a holistic offering in the Space Situational Awareness domain. Its activities include the detection of objects in orbit, their cataloging, the real-time update of this catalog, and a wide range of data processing capabilities.

CEO: Romain Lucken

Creation: juin 2017

Headcount: 30

Location: Paris/Toulouse (France)

Market(s) : Space navigation / satellite mission design / space surveillance

#SpaceDebris #SpaceSurveillance #SpaceSustainability


Share My Space technology is based on unique space object detection capabilities using optical telescopes, and on a wide range of data processing capabilities using celestial mechanics techniques and artificial intelligence. These technologies enable a wide range of high value-added services, and in particular the CALM Fleet Control Panel, that allows satellite operators to visualize the risk of collision for their entire fleet on a horizon of 5 days.


  • Captation-restitution (live, near-live et replay)
  • CLEO (space surveillance) – capturing images and building a catalog
  • INDEMN (Congestion simulation) Collision risk for constellation design.
  • MANEXT (maneuver extraction) – Detect and characterize Orbital Maneuvers
  • ID CARD (satellite identity) – Pattern of life, technical & business insights
  • SSB (Space Sustainability Bulletin) – Monthly key facts and figures on the space situation
  • SSR (Space sustainability report) – Up-to-date insights on space traffic
  • SSL (Space sustainability label) – Preserving the orbital environment together


Minimize collision risk before launch
Identify and characterize space threats
Mitigate the collision risk in real-time
Optimize satellite fleet operation


Independent offre
Cloud-based – hosted in France
Accurate & Complete catalog