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Non-invasive, no-contact acoustic mixer (μL to mL) for microfluidics

Investment: €278k

Scope: Health

Scientific field(s): : Mathematics, STIC and nanotechnology

Institution(s): CNRS - Université Paris-Saclay

Development: Technology to be marketed

#Microfluidic #Acoustofluidic #OEM


Microfluidic technologies make it possible to accelerate certain diagnoses of fluid analyses, they open many fields of research such as personalized medicine thanks to the manipulation of a single cell.

Mixtures of liquids such as reagents, samples or solvents are often required. These mixtures must be precise, fast and reproducible. With passive mixing, it is difficult to get to the scale of the droplet, and active mixture technologies have limits in terms of invasiveness, reproducibility or industrial production.


Thanks to techniques in acoustofluidic, MicroDropMixer makes it possible to perform non-invasive mixing, through walls if necessary, and without contamination. The choice of mixture across several dynamic frequencies, can be controlled by an interface and adapted to various viscosities.

MicroDropMixer can respond to several types of mixture volumes and can vary from microliter to milliliter, by combining the resonators. Finally, its small overall dimensions give it a versatile shape and facilitate its OEM integration in existing automatic machines.


MicroDropMixer can be of interest to any sector requiring non-invasive mixtures on the scale of a droplet (µl) or directly through the recipient or syringe for larger volumes (ml). This need exists in the biomedical R&D, chemistry and agri-food sectors, to name a few.

In healthcare, mixing is important for both single cell analysis applications and point-of-care diagnoses to reduce reaction times, eliminate problems of sedimentation or homogeneity.