Technological projects portfolio

Individual electric vehicle for professional users

Investment: €354k

Scope: Transport

Scientific field(s): Mechanical Engineering

Institution(s): Université Paris-Saclay

Development: Start-up in progress/completed

#SelfBalancingScooter #Logistics #ElectricMobility


Logistics platforms, industrial parks and airports stretch over thousands of square metres. Operational staff in these large workplaces travel between 8 and 20 kilometres on foot every day.

These journeys affect the performance and working conditions of the staff concerned, and lead to:
– Fatigue and MSDs,
– Loss of productivity (3 hours/day),
– Loss of motivation (giving up on tasks),
– Loss of responsiveness.

The HUBLEX professional self-balancing scooter addresses this problem by incorporating innovative technologies and a design tailored for this market.


Several specific technologies offer advantages for the design of a self-balancing scooter for indoor professional use:
– Systems to safeguard the user and the environment,
– A motor/wheel drive system that eliminates the speed reducing gear normally used, simplifying the costly mechanism and reducing the size and weight,
– The wireless control system makes it possible to remove the steering column, reduces the weight and improves multimodal use,
– Finally, the removable battery makes recharging easier.

All these technologies together divide the number of parts by 10 and make the scooter much lighter.

Suited to indoor journeys, it boosts the efficiency of workers’ mobility within their workplaces, reduces the arduousness of certain roles and reduces the carbon footprint of companies. It conveys a modern image and recognises the value of employees’ work.


This professional self-balancing scooter can be used in companies with large infrastructure such as airports, logistics warehouses and industrial sites and in service companies such as maintenance firms and security or guard companies.