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Digital piano keyboard with haptic sensation

Investment: €757k

Scope: Digital and Electronics

Scientific field(s): Mechanical Engineering

Institution(s): École polytechnique - CNRS

Development: Transfer to industrial partner in progress/completed

#Digital #Keyboard #Haptics


While the best digital pianos offer excellent sound synthesis, the haptic sensation (what pianists feel through their fingers, enabling all the nuance and musicality of a performance) is seen as their weak point for pianists.

The CLAVIDYC project aims to combine the advantages of digital pianos (size, cost, digital technology, weight etc.) with the advantages of a grand piano (sound and haptic sensation).


The technology developed as part of the CLAVIDYC project enables a digital keyboard to mimic the feel of a grand piano mechanism.

This technology, consisting of mechanical actuators and sensors combined with real-time digital simulation, is incorporated into a digital piano and offers pianists better control over the nuances in the sound they produce.

Digital technology also offers new potential for personalising a keyboard’s feel or simulating other mechanisms (historical pianos, organs).


The main application of the technology is mid-range/high-end pianos for keen amateurs and institutions such as music schools and small concert halls.