Deeptech factory

Accelerate and de-risk the development of therapeutic antibodies via high-throughput functional testing < 3 months

Deeptope develops high-throughput assays that characterize antigen-antibody interactions. The company offers epitope/paratope mapping and antibody optimization services to biotech and pharmaceutical companies. It also plans to participate in co-development programs.

CEO: Raphaël Sierocki

Creation: february 2021

Headcount: 9

Location: Orsay

Market(s): Antibody therapeutics

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Deeptope uses a combination of high throughput technologies that allow replacing each amino acid of a sequence by the 20 other amino acids, expressing all mono-mutants, functionally correlating the impact of each mutation on the antigen/antibody interaction.

The data produced allows us to perform three types of services in a very short time (4-6 weeks): Epitope mapping, Paratope mapping, Optimization.


  • Paratope mapping
  • Epitope mapping
  • Lead optimization


Paratope mapping
Epitope mapping
Lead optimization


Advantages of the technology:
Cost and speed of mass spectrometry
Accuracy of crystallography
To the nearest amino acid (mutagenesis)
In depth (substitution of the entire 20 A.A.)
Generation of functional data in vitro