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AI-enriched Wi-Fi sensing platform

Zoe Care develops a presence and motion detection platform, using Wi-Fi Sensing technology enriched by an AI. Our first application is a fall detection system for the elderly, without requiring any additional equipment.

CEO : Thomas Saphir

Création : juillet 2022

Effectif : 5

Localisation : Gif-sur-Yvette

Marché(s) : AI/Healthtech/Security/Smart Home

#Healthcare #Security #SmartHome


The Wi-Fi sensing principle allows for movement detection by analyzing the propagation of Wi-Fi signals. Zoe Care has enhanced this technology by incorporating an artificial intelligence that refines detection and enables recognition of very precise movements and gestures, such as sitting, falling, standing up, lying down, breathing (with rhythm measurement), and walking (with speed measurement). Additionally, this innovation enables the geolocation of a person within a space.


  • Zoe Fall


Zoe Care has chosen technology applications centered around the theme of the smart home and safeguarding individuals and premises, focusing on health, autonomy, security, and comfort. The first application developed by Zoe Care, fall detection for seniors without the need for additional equipment, is intended to be used both in medical and social care facilities and in the homes of elderly individuals.


The advantages of Zoe Fall compared to traditional fall detectors are as follows:
Increased precision in fall detection.
Simple and robust electronics, ready to be integrated into other devices.
Simplified acceptance due to direct plug-in to the power outlet, without the need for additional installation and especially without the requirement of wearing a device.
Potential for expansion towards monitoring other signs of frailty.