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Biomechanical analysis system to optimize and secure training

Investment: €100k

Scope: Digital and Electronics

Scientific field(s): Mechanics / Physics – Chemistry and Optics

Institution(s): Télécom SudParis

Development: Start-up in progress/completed

#Biomechanics #HighLevelSport #AI


For athletes, controlling movement is not only a guarantee of performance; it is essential to prevent injury.

Various systems have already been developed for coaching athletes, but so far none has been both accurate and simple to use.

CHIRON IT provides a solution that meets both these needs.


Based on a video feed from a single camera combined with an Artificial Intelligence algorithm, CHIRON IT reconstructs a 3D skeleton and analyses the joint movements.

The mobile embedded system responds in real time to the athlete’s performance.


Several markets are targeted: sport, assisting coaches and athletes at training centres for high-level athletes, and the medical sector, offering physiotherapists a rehabilitation assistant.