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Healthy micronutrients for animals

Oligofeed is a specialist in micro-nutrition for animals. The first objective is to halt the decline in bees, on which depends 1/3 of the world’s food supply. Oligofeed developed a food supplement for bees that reduces their mortality and increases their productivity.

CEO : Aneta Ozieranska

Creation : may 2023

Headcount : 3

Location : Lyon / Versailles

Market(s) : Agtech, Foodtech

#Biodiversity #Pollination #BeeHealth


A bio-inspired and scientifically proven bee feed supplement specially designed to boost bees’ immunity. This patented molecule is based on a natural trace element Molybdenum and its efficacy has been demonstrated through a very thorough studies and in-field tests on more than 1,300 hives in Europe and in United States.


Lacking natural resources, bees and other insects developed deficiencies in microelements, some of which are essential for their vital functions. Their weakened immunity is no longer enough to fight against harmful pathogens. Beekeepers observe worrying colony mortality rates that increase each year.
Oligofeed’s technology reinforces bees’ immunity system, reduces their mortality rate, improves the development of the colonies and increases bees’ productivity for honey production and pollination.


– The product is 100% safe and non-toxic.
It has a real efficacy proven through extensive scientific and in-field studies.
It is easy to use for the beekeepers, as the product was co-created with them.