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Towards sustainable space

ThrustMe is a deep-tech company in the space industry; developing, producing and selling a variety of high-end space propulsion systems for next generation satellites as well as systems for ground testing of space technologies.

CEO: Ane Aanesland

Creation: february 2017

Headcount: -

Location: Verrières le Buisson

Market(s): Aerospace

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ThrustMe’s product portfolio spans from self-pressurized cold gas thrustersdeveloped for the cubesat market to high-end, stand-alone and intelligent electric propulsion systems for nano- micro- and small- satellites.

ThrustMe has also developed and already delivered unique ionosphere generator for ground testing of satellite payloads and platforms.

In addition to standard systems, THRUSTME provide tailored devices from propulsion optimization for dedicated platforms to various probes and high power electronics systems.


  • NPT30-Xe
  • NPT30-I2
  • I2T5
  • LTA
  • MD1


ThrustMe’s propulsion systems are used for various orbital manouvers from drag compensations, collision avoidence, orbital changes in altitude or inclenations, constellation phasing etc.

ThrustMe’s ionosphere generator and diagnostic is developed to give the space community the opportunity to test and validate important electrical systems, such as communication antennas for satellites, or various onboard scientific instruments and diagnostics, before they are launched into space.


ThrustMe has developed a large product portfolio, with significan innovative solutions, to meet the wide range of needs in the nano-, micro- and small- satellite market.