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Agile Space

Exotrail designs, develops and operates mobility solutions for the agile space: electric thrusters for small satellites (ExoMG ™), simulation and space operations software tools (ExoOPS ™) and electric transfer vehicles (SpaceVan ™).

CEO: Jean-Luc Maria

Creation: august 2017

Headcount: 170

Location: Massy & Toulouse

Market(s): Space

#Space #Agility #PlasmaThruster #Optimization


ExoMG™ is a Hall thruster for small satellites that allows our customers to change their orbit after launch, thereby minimising their launch costs, maximising performances and reducing space debris.

ExoOPS™ is a cloud-based mission design & optimisation software.


  • ExoMG ™ : Electric thrusters for small satellites
  • ExoOPS ™: Mission simulation and operation software
  • ExoFLUID: Storage and fluidic regulation solutions for satellites
  • SpaceVan ™: Transfer vehicles in orbit


Constellations of small satellites are used in many sectors to provide Earth observation and telecommunication services.

Electric propulsion allows these constellations to get higher performances, longer lifespan and lower costs.


Thanks to our technology and greater thrust, we are able to achieve manoeuvres for our clients in a matter of months, or even weeks while our competitors take five times longer.

Exotrail is not just developing a thruster, but all the software and hardware solutions needed to integrate propulsion into a space mission.