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Fill the gap between test and simulation

EikoSim is committed to developing and providing its customers with the use of imaging techniques, in order for them to gain a better understanding of their mechanical tests, and to facilitate the validation stage of their numerical simulations.

CEO: Florent Mathieu

Creation: august 2016

Headcount: 12

Location: Paris

Market(s) : Aeronautics / Space / Defense / Automotive

#MechanicalTest #MechanicalSimulation #ImageProcessing


We publish the EikoTwin software suite to help validate and correct complex mechanical simulation models.

We directly take the test data using the DIC technique to automatically compare them with the model and correct the simulation model.


  • EikoTwin DIC software
  • EikoTwin Digital Twin software
  • EikoTwin Virtual
  • EikoTwin Vision


EikoTwin DIC uses an image processing technique to measure the displacements and straints on the mechanical part during the test and use them to compare the test with the simulation.

EikoTwin DT allows to correct the data setting of the models, but also to automatically correct the simulation models according by using the test data to correct the initial hypotheses.


Unlike the existing DIC applications for mechanical test offices, EikoSim allows a direct test/simulation comparison but also automatically corrects the simulation model with the test data.

This eliminates the need to spend hours comparing data on an excel table and the all the back and forth between tests et simulations.