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Altaroad - SATT Paris-Saclay

Your road to smart operation

Spin off 3 world-class research institutes – Ecole Polytechnique, CNRS and IFSTTAR – ALTAROAD creates a new generation of intelligent road allowing a systematic detection of the characteristics of the vehicles at strategic points of the network.

CEO: Cécile Villette

Creation: december 2017

Headcount: 36

Location: St Mandé

Market(s): Transportation / Construction / Industry

#SmartRoads #Nanosensors #Industrial


Altaroad is developing an industrial IoT solution, using machine learning to exploit data from patented sensor networks in four applications:
– Digitrack: the traceability platform for the construction sector, 100% online
– CamTrack: cameras automate data entry on the platform
– TopTRACK : the practical weighing system that allows the collection of factual information on quantities on the construction site
– InTRACK: the traceability of truck flows on the road.


  • Digitrack
  • CamTrack
  • TopTRACK


In the smart city, allowing Altaroad allows to better:
manage truck flows,
– to optimize road maintenance, thanks to work done in the right place at the right time,
– to improve safety , with the detection of risk situations.


Alatroad’s benefits:
– The small thickness of the product and its resistance to the evolution of the pavement give the products competitive advantages.

TopTRACK is lightweight, easy to install and to move, and allows weighing in motion.

InTRACK is invisible, measures the evolution of the roadway itself and is resistant to the passing of thousands of vehicles.