You are a company believing in open innovation? Looking for a new product with high added value? SATT Paris-Saclay invests €270k in the development of an innovative ion source to product a larger variety of ions in the gas phase compared with current technologies. We are looking for a strategic partnership to industrialize and commercialize it!

  • POLYIONS technology: 

► Systems using focused ion beams (FIB)
► Innovative ion sourcing to increase positive or negative ion portfolio

  • What is needed to improve FIB performance?

► The right ion for the right surface
► Better interaction between ion and surface to analyse

  • How the innovation answers the need?

► Using Chemistry to broaden the scope of possible ions
► Patented technology

  • What is the effect on the beam performances?

  • Working with SATT Paris-Saclay:

SATT Paris-Saclay business model is based on a virtuous model of early investment in research programs, licensed with a royalty based on a revenue sharing principle. 1 patent and a complete device designed, prototyped and tested will be licensed under exclusivity to our partner.

  • Contact:

Sébastien Magnaval | | +33 6 08 41 59 24