David Henri, Chief Product Officer et Paul Lascombes, Chief Scientist à la start-up Exotrail, accompagnée par la SATT Paris-Saclay, font partis du très prestigieux classement 2022 Forbes 30 Under 30 Europe qui illustre le pouvoir qu’ont les jeunes entrepreneurs et dirigeants de transformer les entreprises et la société. Les lauréats de cette année redéfinissent avec audace 10 secteurs d’activité dans près de 30 pays.

« I am honored and excited to share that I have been selected in the Forbes 30 under 30 – Europe list! 😊

I consider myself super lucky to have gotten the opportunity to start a space logistics company at 21. Luck is definitely a key element of entrepreneurship – all successful entrepreneurs will tell you that. I was lucky to start at the right time, at the right place, with the right technology. And obviously, I was incredibly lucky to start this adventure with the right people. I am super glad to share that price with my friend & cofounder Paul Lascombes. And even if they are not lucky enough to still be 30 (oops, don’t kill me guys) it would not make sense not to share this price with Jean-Luc Maria and Nicolas Heitz. I would have gone nowhere without their quality, their energy, their resilience and their experience! It’s been 7 years now that we have started this adventure together – boy, I feel like it was yesterday. And of course, infinite thanks to everyone at Exotrail – 90% of the interest I have in this job has been, and is, to work with you all every day…

Starting and building Exotrail brought me an incredible number of challenges. As CEO first: starting the venture, setting up our product vision, building our core team, raise funding, develop our technology and our products, demonstrate them in space and get our first customers, the majority of which happening between mid-2018 and mid-2021. And now, for close to a year, as Chief Product Officer, building and scaling our Product Team to scale Exotrail as a product-driven company and accomplish our product vision of becoming the first end-to-end space logistics company.

The past 7 years have been busy, for sure – I am looking forward to the next seven 😊 »

David Henri, Cofounder & Chief Product Officer, Exotrail

« In 2015 I started to work on a student project to design some hardware for testing a micro-propulsion device. I didn’t know at the time where it would lead me. 7 years later, the company born from this early project is Exotrail and in addition to propulsion we are now leading the way to provide mobility solutions for the space sector.

I cannot be grateful enough to David Henri who was in my cohort at École Polytechnique for the incredible job done since then as a cofounder of Exotrail. And I don’t forget Jean-Luc Maria and Nicolas Heitz. But today we celebrate youth!

Together with David we have been nominated as 30 Under 30 – Europe by Forbes! I won’t say that it is a personal achievement as it originates from the collective work done at Exotrail, but I am still proud to be part of this class during my 29th year!

Kudos to the team, and more specifically to David! »

Paul Lascombes, Cofounder & Chief Scientist, Exotrail