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Morphée+ is a real time fall dectection system for senior citizen in nursing homes. Our device relies on radar technology and works without any worn sensor nor picture taking.

CEO: Bruno Duperrier

Creation: may 2018

Headcount: 4

Location: Dijon

Market(s): Silver economy

#FalllDetection #Heart&BreathRhythms #Radar


The Morphée+ device is the only fall detection system that:
Protects people’s privacy through the absence of image capture,
Solves the problem of forgetting and rejecting mounted sensors: Morphée+ works without any mounted sensors.


  • Physical Sensor Pack


The technology applications are:
Fall detection
– Averages of heart and breath rhythms
Presence detection


Morphée+ benefits:
Alert caregivers or carers within minutes of falls and worrisome health parameters.
Allows people to stay at home longer and safer,
Notifies about the negative effects of certain treatments,
Reduces care costs by anticipating the onset or worsening of diseases,
Reduces housing costs by automating a part of health data recording, which is currently done manually by caregivers,
Reduces the medical and financial consequences of falls by providing early warning to caregivers or emergency responders.